Airplane Gets Stuck Under Bridge !

By Harsifat Kaur

In Bihar's Motihari, an unusual event unfolded causing a significant traffic disruption.

A decommissioned plane, en route from Mumbai to Assam on a trailer truck, became stuck under an overpass in the Piprakothi area, bringing traffic to a halt.

The scene drew the attention of locals and passersby as the plane was precariously positioned beneath the bridge.

A viral video captured pedestrians and motorists trying to find an alternative route due to the blocked road.

The footage displayed a line of vehicles on NH 27, with the airplane protruding from the trailer truck beneath the Piprakothi bridge.

Authorities explained that the mishap resulted from the truck driver misjudging the bridge's height,

believing the plane could pass underneath.

Ultimately, the plane and truck were safely disentangled and continued their journey to Assam.

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