Highly Anticipated Royal Book Reveals Shocking Detail - No Interview with Meghan Markle!

In an exclusive interview with The Times, Omid Scobie, author of the highly anticipated book "Endgame," offered a sneak peek into the inner workings of the royal family.

Despite not directly interviewing Meghan Markle, Scobie emphasized the invaluable insights gained through shared connections.

While denying personal friendship with Meghan, he acknowledged the role of mutual friends in sourcing information for his book, set to release on Tuesday.

"Endgame" promises an insider's view into the royal family's "fight for survival," asserting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently "in a good place."

However, the book paints a picture of a monarchy grappling with crises, including waning interest from the youth, a growing republican movement, and doubts about upholding traditional values.

Noteworthy claims include a reported rift between the King and the Prince of Wales, the Queen expressing gratitude to Piers Morgan, and revelations about Prince Archie's skin color concerns during Meghan's pregnancy.

The book delves into personal dynamics, suggesting a strained relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry, along with revealing letters exchanged between Meghan and Prince Charles post-Oprah interview.

Buckingham Palace has chosen not to comment on the book's revelations. Meanwhile, Scobie opened up about facing challenges from "anti-Meghan social media trolls," adding a personal touch to the anticipation surrounding "Endgame."

As readers eagerly await the release, the book promises to provide a captivating insider's perspective on the royal family's struggles and controversies.