WA vets have warned of a respiratory disease affecting dogs across the country

Dog owners, listen up! State veterinarians in Washington are warning that a new disease is affecting dogs' breathing and spreading across the country.

As of Tuesday, no cases have been reported in Washington, but there have already been cases in Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Washington state veterinarian, Amber Itley, says it's probably more widespread than we know.

This disease gives dogs pneumonia, and regular antibiotics do not work against it. Keep an eye out for symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose or eyes and if your dog seems really tired. Some dogs become very sick within a day or two.

This is the time of year when dogs often get these diseases, so Itel suggests taking extra precautions. Make sure your dog is vaccinated and try to keep them away from places where a lot of dogs gather.

If your dog is often around many other dogs, your veterinarian may suggest additional vaccines.

The good news is that humans do not get sick from it. But in Oregon, more than 200 dogs became infected and some even died.

If your dog gets sick, vets are asked to report it online to keep track of what's going on.

Let's work together to stop this disease and keep our furry friends healthy and happy, says Itel.